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Empowering Youth Since 2011

At Today's Youth, we believe that young people are the very essence of the future. Who they are tomorrow is essentially the outcome of the goals and decisions they make today. Therefore, we go above and beyond to provide our youth with an empowering environment to gain the skills they need o create their best lives and enter adulthood ready to succeed. Curious to find out more about us and how you can get involved? Please browse our website and get in touch with us today.


What We Do

Committed to Enriching the Lives of Youth

Service Learning Projects 

Since 2012, we have contributed to youth development in Houston, TX, through a wide range of programs. Our Service Learning Projects are centered on instilling strong values into our youth and providing a space for them to expand their minds, meet new people, and address issues in their community.

Youth Programs

Today's Youth empowers young people to reach their fullest potential. We care about our youth and provide them with a number of enrichment opportunities to help them shape their futures. Come experience it for yourself today!

Virtual Educational Workshops

At Today's Youth, our virtual educational workshops provide teens with the tools to be great leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers. Our classes cover the fundamentals of entrepreneurialism, job readiness, personal leadership, and so much more. 

Y.E.S. (Youth Entrepreneurial Success)  Leadership Program

Y.E.S. teaches 12th- grade students the essentials of entrepreneurialism. During this five-week summer camp, participants learn how to start and operate their own businesses. Teens attend workshops on developing a business plan, marketing, advertising, and start-up costs. At the end of the program, teens present their ideas to a panelist of business owners for an opportunity to win a grand prize, trophy, and a feature in our newsletter and website.

TY's Cookie Shoppe

TY's Cookie Shoppe is a five-week program that introduces entrepreneurship and valuable lessons on personal finance to 10-14-year-old youth. Students learn key business terms, steps to developing a mini-business plan, how to create eye-catching marketing materials, & how to bake cookies from scratch.

TY's Cookie Shoppe is an excellent program for kids interested in entrepreneurship and baking.

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