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How We Began:

Today's Youth was formed from a passion for empowering, educating, and preparing youth to enter adulthood with the tools to achieve their goals and accomplish more than they ever dreamed possible.


After years of working with at-risk youth and witnessing their lack of awareness around basic life skills, low-motivation struggles, and unhealthy relationships,  Founder and Executive Director Nicole Harris established My Brothers & Sister's Restoration in March 2007, in Atlanta, GA, to address the many challenges of middle and high school youth in a realistic and personal way. 

Nicole wanted to create an organization that spoke to youth in their language, provided activities they wanted to attend, and motivated them to think big, work hard, and push forward despite their obstacles.

So, going beyond a place to hang out, Today's Youth was formed to give youth the tools to make good decisions, plan for their future, and believe in themselves. Rather than create a new space for youth, Nicole developed a nonprofit that partnered with other youth-serving organizations and schools to provide high-quality services. 


My Brother's & Sister's Restoration moved its office to Houston, Texas, in  August 2008 and began doing business as Today's Youth in May 2011. Since that time, Today's Youth has served hundreds of youth and worked with nonprofits throughout Houston.

Our hands-on activities, real-world discussions, and dynamic curriculum empower today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders.

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